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Cragen Five Star Program

1. Early Spring
A pre-emergent herbicide is applied for effective control of annual grasses (crabgrass, foxtail, etc.) before they germinate. We blend our own fertilizer mix for your lawn's early spring feeding. Broadleaf weed controls are added as soil temperatures increase.

2. Late Spring
Fertilizer is again blended for your lawn's growing needs. Broadleaf weed controls are applied as needed to eliminate unsightly pests such as dandelions and plantain. A general insecticide is added to control many lawn damaging insects.

3. Summer
A summer fertilizer is blended together for a light feeding of your lawn. Broadleaf weed controls are applied as well as a general insecticide.

4. Early Fall
We formulate our fall fertilizer to provide feeding for the fall growing season. Broadleaf weed controls are applied as necessary.

5. Late Fall - Early Winter
This is a granular fertilizer application made in late fall when your lawn is storing up nutrients for the winter. This provides extra nutrients to increase the root system which creates a much quicker green-up in the spring. This has proven to be a very successful application for both new and established lawns.